Health & Safety

As our 2021 season approaches, we wanted to take a moment and reassure our Masquerade family that although there will be some changes to the Masquerade experience, we are working on an exciting, new, safe, competitive dance event and we are anxious to share it with you.


At Masquerade, we feel great responsibility for the role we play in the lives of the families that attend our events—even more important to us during this challenging time when we are all being more cautious about how we interact with others in our communities. Please know that the safety of our dancers is our highest priority, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide a safe, competitive dance experience for our Masquerade families.


We are constantly developing and implementing new ways in which we can continue to protect the health and safety of our dancers at each event. We are working with local officials and adhering to the guidelines set forth by the CDC and those with jurisdiction over each area on our regional tour, so that we can provide a safe experience for our guests and staff.


We have enhanced our cleaning protocols on site and are working with each venue to ensure that all procedures are in place.


This year, our staff will be conducting temperature checks at the door prior to entry, and masks will be required to enter any Masquerade event. Additionally, an official waiver will need to be completed and signed prior to arrival for all performers, staff and guests.


If, for any reasons pertaining to COVID-19, a regional event must be canceled and is unable to be postponed, all studios will be guaranteed a full refund.


Our staff will be vigilant about the types of activities and behaviors they engage in prior to attending any Masquerade regional event. Personal responsibility is required from all of us in order to enjoy and appreciate a successful and rewarding competitive season.


Working together will help ensure a safe Masquerade Dance experience for everyone.