At Masquerade Dance all dancers must register through a Studio Owner or Director.
Your Studio Owner will be able to access all rules and fees through the online portal once they have begun the registration process, and have created an account with Masquerade Dance.
The schedule, with approximate times (we tend to run early), is sent to your Studio Owner 7-10 days prior to your event. The program is available on the FREE Masquerade Dance iPhone/Android app. The schedule for each regional will be available on the app the Monday prior to each event. Additionally, the schedule can also be accessed by clicking on the designated city page on our website.
Please check with your Studio Owner or Director to determine what time you should arrive. However, we ask that all dancers be ready one hour prior to their scheduled performance as we tend to run ahead of schedule.
Masquerade creates a schedule for every event based on the needs of each individual competition. There is no set format, however we aim to create a schedule that will be most accommodating to all participants. In order to maximize time, the schedule at each regional is configured based on the breakdown of entries (Solos, Duo/Trios, Groups) for that particular regional event. Once payment for all entries has been finalized, a schedule of events will be determined, and available for viewing.
All dressing rooms will be assigned. When you arrive at the venue please look for posted information that will direct you toward your designated dressing room. This information will also be available on the FREE Masquerade Dance app. Please be respectful of one another when sharing space with other studios.
Unfortunately, we do not provide room blocks or offer discounts to any hotels on our regional tour. Due to the subjective nature of hotel customer service satisfaction, we do not feel it is appropriate to recommend any particular hotel over another.
There is absolutely no video or photography allowed in the theater or convention center at any time during the performances. However, you may take personal photos and videos during the Improv Contest and at all awards sessions. We have our own media department that will take professional videos and photos during each performance that will be available free of charge after the event is complete. Dressing room areas are electronic free zones and no photos or videos will be allowed in these areas.
Dancers do not need to check in with Masquerade Dance. Please check with your Studio Owner or Director to determine when and where to check in upon arrival.
Not necessarily, as we tend to run ahead of schedule. If your event is running more than one hour ahead of schedule, your Studio Owner or Director will be notified. Please look for guidance from your Studio Owner or Director to stay abreast of any schedule changes.
We are pleased to announce that Masquerade photos and videos are now free for all performers. Each studio owner will have information about how to obtain photos and videos once the event is complete.
Masqueture and Masquerade merchandise items are now available on our website, as well as at each Masquerade Dance event. City shirts, however, are only available at each regional competition.
Yes. Awards and overalls will be posted on both the Masquerade Dance website and the Masquerade Dance app once the event is complete.
In order to avoid any miscommunications, students, parents, or family members should not contact the office for information regarding the competition or registration process. Any questions or concerns should be directed toward each studio owner. This will streamline the distribution of information and prevent any misunderstandings. Masquerade staff will not be permitted to provide information to students, parents, or family members prior to the event.