If your child would like to compete at Masquerade, all registrations must be done through a Studio Owner or Director.
Your studio owner will be able to access all rules and fees through the online portal once they have begun the registration process, and have created an account with Masquerade.
The schedule with times is sent to your studio owner 7-10 days prior to the event. It is not available online due to privacy concerns. The program is available on the Masquerade Dance free iPhone/Android app. The schedule for each regional will be available on the app the Monday prior to each event. You can also purchase a collectible program at our merchandise booth in the lobby at each regional competition.
We feel as though your teachers should decide when they want you to arrive, but we do tend to run ahead of schedule.
Masquerade creates a schedule for every event based on the needs of each individual competition. There is no set format, however we aim to create a schedule that will be most accommodating to all participants. In order to maximize time, the schedule at each regional is configured based on the breakdown of entries (Solos, Duo/Trios, Groups) for that particular regional event. Once payment for all entries has been finalized, a schedule of events will be determined, and available for viewing.
Yes. Dressing room space is limited and we will assign rooms according to student count and number of routines.
Unfortunately, we do not offer blocks with discounts to any hotels throughout our season. Due to the subjective nature of hotel customer service satisfaction, we cannot recommend a certain hotel.
Absolutely no video or photography is allowed in the theater at any time during the performances. However, you may take personal photos and video during the Improv Contest and at all awards sessions. We have our own media department that will take professional video and photos during each routine that will be available free of charge after the event is complete. Dressing room areas are electronic free zones and no photos or video will be allowed in these areas.
Not with us, your studio owner or teacher will check in your studio for you.
Not necessarily. We tend to run ahead of schedule. If we run more than an hour ahead, your studio directors will be notified.
No, we welcome all family and friends to support the dancers.
We are pleased to announce that Masquerade photos and videos are now free for all performers. Each studio owner will have information about how to obtain photos and videos once the event is complete.
Masqueture and Masquerade merchandise items will only be available for purchase on-site at each regional.
Yes, we post the results on our website 3-5 days after the competition.
In order to avoid any miscommunications, students, parents, or family members should not contact the office for information regarding the competition or registration process. Any questions or concerns should be directed toward each studio owner. This will streamline the distribution of information and prevent any misunderstandings. Masquerade staff will not be permitted to provide information to students, parents, or family members prior to the event.